Monday, June 22, 2009

Packing, psh...

I should be packing, therefor I'm not. Instead I'm taking facebook quizzes, eating dark chocolate, and realizing tomorrow is gonna be crazy. I leave Saturday morning and I really really need to start packing, but alas I haven't.

However, I did have a ridiculously good lesson... and I made good food... and I picked out the music I want to buy when I hit up flute world... but packing... gross.

Oh, and my facebook quizzes told me that I am the hufflepuff, pot head, protagonist, performing, Tia Kodunkulus fiend. Sometimes those things crack me up.

Good night.


  1. Alright, OLDER SISTER, you are going to get it. I will tell everyone that you are my mom! Haha jk. And DARK chocolate? Eww. You can HAVE all of mine. Does that make me a good friend?

  2. I look too young to be your mommy, older sister it is. Deal, I'll eat the dark chocolate and you can have that nasty milky stuff.