Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Why I lurve summer...

* getting up early to go practice means getting out of bed at 9am and picking up my flute by 11am.
* running is totally recreational, and I can go as long or short as I want.
* Summerfest is in two weeks, and I am getting really excited to be a councilor.
* This weekend I'm headed down to Snow for the Flute Festival. I'm so excited to work with Ms. Chesis again, I loved it last year, and hopefully this year will be just as fun.
* eating and dance parties with the roomies.
* apartment decorating, music major and art major combined into one room of AWESOME 'nuff said.
* running times vary, but they seem to be later at night.
* the pool is finally open, however it looks sketchy, so for the moment I am warily observing it.
* Naps are observed and taken every day. Without fail.
* I never have to fight for a practice room.
* I READ BOOKS!!! Books that are not text books or required. Currently I'm re-reading an all time favorite by Sharon Kay Penman.

Oooh, and I cut off my hair. I haven't had it this short in years. It's all above my shoulders and the shortest layers are up by my nose. Perhaps I'll post pictures, and perhaps I wont. Feel free to hold your breath and wonder exactly what I look like now. I'll give you a clue though, I'm still the tall one should you need to find me in a crowd.

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