Saturday, June 27, 2009

NEVER mock the company who has your luggage

Remember that. Apply that. Don't mock even when you think you are safe hiding in your little blog. Travel karma will get you. True story. And when agreeing to wait for a later plane, make sure they actually plan on getting you your luggage. If possible become a businessman, because they all got their luggage. It's not like the girl might want a clean change of clothes.

Angst. Angst. Angst. Angst. Angst. Angst. Angst. Angst.

That said, what has happened on this first leg of my journey was pretty cool. We all packed off to the SLC airport (where we saw Dr. C getting ready to fly to Paris also, kinda cool, and marks the only time she will ever meet my family...) After arriving in Detroit we all bid hasty farewells as I headed to Flute World with Mrs. H (my teacher from high school, and a good friend) and my family packed off to Midland.
Unbeknown to my siblings my dad was mid flight from Tokyo. His flight was supposed to come in around the same time as ours, but instead it got delayed because of bad weather so he was five hours late. My mom drove my siblings most of the way back and then came back to Detroit to get Dad. Meanwhile I was at Flute Mecca buying music faster than anyone could ever believe (trust me, it's fun and way cooler than ever buying something like shoes.) I got back to the airport and was waiting to board when I heard that they were offering five hundred dollars and seats in business class for anyone who was willing to wait for the next day. I jumped at that one and called my parents to find out they hadn't even left yet. I'd like to say we made a quick get away, but the first paragraph of my post would indicate otherwise. Alas. However, now I get the chance to go to church in my homeward and see people I haven't seen in forever and probably wouldn't have seen for another two years. Cool, huh?
AND I'M RIDING BUSINESS TO PARIS!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! And they really pamper you for international flights, BRILLIANT!


  1. Girl, there is NO way that buying music is more fun than buying shoes...truuuust me. However, that would have been the sight to see. And curse you! Business class?? Sheesh.

  2. I hope the food was better in business class!