Thursday, June 18, 2009

Mawage is what bwings us togevah todaaaay

I am getting married next Saturday. It's all rather sudden as it is an arranged marriage by one of my girls with a fellow councilor. Who knew true love could be found at Summer Music Camp? *sigh* Jayne a fifteen year old in my group has seen fit to ensure that Gina and I find and are sealed to our eternal companions forth with. Gina's romance is progressing faster than mine, but this is understandable because she is older than me and her wedding is this Saturday at 4pm. Be there or be square.
Also I found out I am to be a lemming with no opinion. Councilors aren't entitled to opinions until after the program is over. Fair enough. From here on out it's blind deaf and dumb obedience. Gag.
Yesterday night was my favorite thus far, we watched a silent movie "The Freshman" accompanied by the ever amazing Brother Ohman. After the silent movie we took councilor pictures and attempted to build a councilor pyramid... yeah... nerve wracking. Post picture taking my girls grabbed me and announced they wanted to go to the creamery and get ice cream. Good plan but upon our arrival we found a massive line and from working there I knew that there was no way we would be through in time so we bought to cartons and plastic spoons. Way more fun and way cheaper. Score on both accounts. We headed to to dorms and ate ice cream while listening to music in the basement. I absolutely love those girls.
That said, there are a few who are starting to get to me. Ironically one of them plays my instrument and wants to come here. Luckily I will be graduating before she arrives. They're cute girls but they are always the last ones to show and they have a knack for arriving right as we are about to have to call them in to headquarters to announce that they are missing. Yeah... that gets really really old fast. My little flute players roommate is my second love... she keeps bringing boys home... and Gina or I get to chill in the lobby and chaperon.
However, the good does out weigh the bad. I have really good girls all round and have yet to have any real problems with them. Tonight we have the student recital and then I am helping to teach swing dancing. We'll see how it goes, it's been I while since I did any swing dancing, and the guy I'm teaching with does West Coast while I prefer (and can actually do) East Coast. Wish me luck.

~ My girls are increasingly tired, this morning only two rooms had lights on when we came by to wake them up.
~ Cafeteria food. Need I say more? Cardboard could taste better. I didn't even hit up the hot food line this morning, I just got cereal and ate that.
~ Summer lurve, blossoming all around... I don't actually mind as much as some of the other councilors, so perhaps I need to work on my paranoia? Last night we got another announcement by our head councilor reminding the kids that their true love is not here. Personally, I love when he does that because two of the councilors are married and they love to make some dramatic response.
~ Practice rooms are a nightmare. I'm actually considering canceling my lesson with Dr. C simply because I don't know what I will play for her next week. Most people in the HFAC are fine, but the councilors struggle because we can't come at night to practice. Yesterday I got in a whopping hour. My best thus far has been two and a half. Pathetic.
~ I have a friend who likes to remind people that the sound of a man playing a guitar in any part of campus is the mating call of BYU. Well, at Summerfest there is the mating call of the camper... the ukulele played by a charming sixteen year old boy who loves to serenade the girls at dinner. What a stud.
~ Finally, Dr. C commented to me that she heard a most interesting name for the little campers at summer festival. Summer Festers. *chortle*

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  1. You know, your blogs are beginning to be a consistent source of entertainment for my family and I. Everytime you write something funny (which is every time) I gather everyone around and we all have a good laugh.

    I can't wait for Paris!!! I'm soooo glad that we'll be roommates. We'll have to post some epic blogs for our families while we're there.