Wednesday, June 24, 2009

It's real now...

Sooo... I've known for quite a while that I am going to Paris, however, one special event today made it all real. I BOUGHT A TRAVEL GUIDE BOOK!!! Oh, and a history book (which I am down playing my excitement for lest you all realize what a nerd I am and no longer want to frequent my blog.) I'm completely thrilled about both. On the plane I have every intention of reading non stop and figuring out everything I want to see. The history book is so that I know what I am seeing, because really, what good is it to see really cool historical sights if you have to just look at them and know something cool happened there? I plan to know exactly what happened and I have a sneaking suspicion that by the end of this trip poor Amber will be utterly sick of hearing me blab about cool dead people. (Because, whether you like it or not, some of the coolest people in the world are already dead. Tragic, but true.)
From the history stand point I'm interested to get a chance to delve into French history because I have only ever really looked at the history of France through the eyes of British narratives, and well, they are slightly biased. Something about Calais and French and English kings laying claims to each others thrones really doesn't make for the best of friendships. It doesn't help when you keep marrying your cousin's either, but apparently they had no problem with that one. Incest takes second place to crown stealing. It's all about those priorities.
I'm really excited to go visit the cathedrals in Paris, and to go see the Bastille (which is an opera house now, but still freaking awesome.) We also get to go see Versailles, which is one of my favorite places in France. I remember loving it when I was little and now it should be even cooler. (Insert cool historical rant about Marie Antoinette who was really really awesome despite the awkward flack that she tends to get and what Hollywood has done to her.)I'm also pretty thrilled to start eating really good bread and cheese... yep, stoked about that one. I don't even care about buying gourmet, just the cheap bread and cheese in France will be better than the best bread here.
Aaaaaand then there is the music. Which will be amazing. I intend to go hit up a catholic church one of the Sundays and go listen to a mass just to hear the music echo through the cathedral. Because really, when it comes down to church music, the Catholic Church has a monopoly on AWESOME.
The only thing I am really nervous about is the language because I speak absolutely zero french. As in none-what-so-ever. Oh well... I've perfected my miming skills on other trips, so I guess I'll just make do. Oh, and Amber, I'm slightly afraid I'll loose you one day... because you are very small...


  1. I'm going to laugh when it's YOU who gets lost. And don't worry, I'll be annoying you JUST AS MUCH by taking so many pictures...candid included. Hehehee

  2. I'm soooooooooo excited for you! (and well, slightly jealous). You are going to have so much fun. And Versailles was one of my favorite spots on that trip too! It is so beautiful and the gardens are amazing. *drool* Okay, I can't talk anymore, I'm starting to get bitter. LOL Have fun!!!

  3. I will expect frequent updates from ALL of you!! I'm sure you'll have SUCH a fantastic experience!! (Yes, jealous MUCH!) Safe travels!!